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Bandanna News – January 2017

With the bustle of the holidays drawing to a close and the blank slate of a new year opening before us, January is a great time to refocus on your running. Time to take stock of goals and set new ones, time to create healthy new habits, and time to gear up to take on the cold and snow. Read on for great ways to jumpstart your running this winter!

4ae57d49-1a0b-47e0-9580-7fe8b5cbb922You shouldn’t have. No, really.

Did you get a gift from Bandanna that wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for? ‘Tis the season for exchanges. Bring it in with a receipt and we can help you find something that actually looks good and fits. We still have plenty of cozy winter gear to keep you comfy in any weather. And if your biggest problem is figuring out how to blow all that cash Santa left you, we can help with that too.


Trigger Point is here!

We are now stocking a full arsenal of amazing recovery tools from Trigger Point Therapy. Here they are, in order from most comfortable to most searingly painful. But you don’t have to take our word for it – come by and test drive them all to find out which one is best for you.

Core Foam Roller: Made entirely of semi-squishy EVA foam with a solid core, this is a great, non-threatening roller for beginners.

Grid Foam Roller: The Grid features a layer of foam over a hard, hollow core that makes it firmer, incredibly durable, and great for travel – stuff your clothes inside to save space.

MB1 Massage Ball: This little guy delivers targeted pressure deep into persistent knots. Use it on your glutes, hips, calves, feet, and even your upper back and forearms – perfect for runners who also climb, lift or play tennis.

Nano Foot Roller: Like a tiny, mean Grid Roller, this one is great not just for the bottoms of your feet (so long, plantar fasciitis) but for your calves too. A great training partner for those who run hilly trails.

056e2ff0-e1f6-4efa-8724-4722d6d7b6aaNew Year’s Day 5K

Every goal, every resolution is achieved one step at a time. Take the first step toward a happy, successful 2017 with the YMCA New Year’s Day 5K on Sunday, January 1st. The energy and smiles you’ll get from your fellow runners will give you the momentum to take the next step and keep going! The race begins at a civilized 10 a.m. at the Ram on Broadway. Packets will be available Saturday, December 31st at Bandanna from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (we close at 3 that day), and on race day starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Ram.