Bandanna Running & Walking has been located at the Corner of 5th & Main in Downtown Boise since 1994.  We are proud to be an integral part of Boise’s running and walking community.  Since opening our doors, we have extended a passion for Cross Country, Track and running to Idaho residents.  Although much has changed since the early 1990’s, Rich and his wife Shannon remain committed to the local community and to supporting a love of running, walking and/or movement . . . and preferably in quality shoes, apparel and accessories!  At Bandanna, we do believe “a pair of shoes can change your life!”  We also believe in long-lasting relationships, and that quality will always be more important than quantity.

We are asked daily to support various causes, events, charities and organizations.  Although we would love to be able to donate/support everyone that asks/inquires, we simply cannot.  We have spent a great deal of time and energy identifying a “focus” for such support, and are proud to celebrate the following partnerships/relationships (no order/priority intended):

  • Meet Me Monday
  • Think Boise First
  • Treasure Valley Family YMCA*
  • Team Idaho and YMCA Race Series
  • YMCA Track & Field Invitational
  • YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
  • Y-Striders Turkey Trot Relay
  • Race to Robie Creek
  • Emmett’s Most Excellent Triathlon
  • Sawtooth Relay
  • Main Street Mile
  • Boise Rescue Mission
  • Bob Firman Invitational
  • Barber to Boise
  • Capitol Classic
  • Roger Curran Invitational
  • Idaho Nordic Team/Club
  • Simplot Games
  • Ridge to Rivers Trail System
  • Boise River Running Club
  • Boise Y-Striders Running Club
  • Local High School Cross Country & Track Programs
  • Jimmy Driscoll Invitational/Fun Run
  • Bandanna Invitational Track & Field Meet
  • Elementary School Jog-a-Thons
  • Bogus Basin Ski Patrol Annual Fundraising Efforts
  • Idaho Shakespeare Festival Fundraising Gala
  • Elementary School Silent Auctions/Fundraisers
  • Middle School Silent Auctions/Fundraisers
  • High School Silent Auctions/Fundraisers
  • Annual University of Idaho Vandal Scholarship Fund Gala
  • Annual VALE Fourth of July Fun Run for the VALE Cross Country Team
  • Annual New Plymouth Track & Cross Country Shoe Sale
  • Annual Banff Film Festival

*Bandanna gives a percentage of every Y Member purchase back to the Y in the form of a donation.  In addition, Bandanna gives a discount to Y Staff Members and to select Y program participants.

Bandanna is also proud to offer a discount to Coaches, local Track and Cross Country athletes (including Team Idaho athletes), Y-Strider Members, and a 9.11% discount to all Service Personnel.

Although this list is not entirely comprehensive, it goes a long way toward “defining” our focus/passions.  If you are interested in seeking sponsorship/a donation and/or support from Bandanna for your organization/event, we are happy to receive your submission. In most instances, requests for donation/support need to be received a minimum of 60 days prior to the event.  We look forward to hearing from you.  We will attempt to respond to every request personally.  Rich and Shannon Harris, Owners.