November 24th, 2013

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A Newsletter from Bandanna Running & Walking . . . Week of November 24th
HAPPY THANKSGIVING/HANUKKAH WEEK!  Thanks to all of you that responded positively about November being National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month . . . it is so nice to be in GREAT company!  Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Week with Family and/or Friends.  PLEASE stop by with any of the kids home from college . . . any college student that comes in with a school/team t.shirt and/or sweatshirt from their respective school will receive a FREE pair of BANDANNA socks between now and Sunday, 12.1.  We would love to be part of your visit, and to hear how things are going!  If you are looking for a great way to spend Thanksgiving morning, think about running the Bob McAlpine Annual Turkey Trot in Ontario put on by Treasure Valley Community College (“TVCC”) . . . 5k run/walk/stroll starts @ 9:00 a.m., and proceeds go to the TVCC Cross Country Team/Program.  This is a fantastic event.  New Plymouth also has a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning @ 8:30 a.m.  Ron & Ronda Lysinger who also coordinate New Plymouth’s Meet Me Monday event are the organizers!  Enjoy!
Rich & Shannon Harris, Owners
“I am thankful for laughter except when milk comes out my nose.”  Woody Allen



In my opinion, this is the smartest purchase of Winter apparel you will ever make.  If you have trouble staying warm, look no further than 3SP®.  All the benefits of layering are here: heat control, moisture management and wind protection with only one layer of fabric. Stay warm and dry while active in most winter conditions, even in wind, rain, sleet and snow. 3SP pants breathe, wick, stretch, and best of all, are windproof to 35 mph. They have a classic tapered-leg fit and feature a non-roll elastic waistband with drawstring, two side seam zip pockets, 12-inch off-set ankle zippers and the classic front crease stitch. This pant has a slightly relaxed fit through the hips and thighs.  If properly cared for, these pants will last for years.

  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Not laminated – sweat will not build up inside of fabric
  • Hydrophobic – The yarn of 3SP is the most hydrophobic (water hating) yarn in the world
  • Even when soaking wet 3SP dries very quickly
  • 4-way stretch with a super-soft, brushed interior
  • Durable, snag resistant and very quiet

Recommended by Rich Harris


The answer seems obvious enough . . . figure out what is causing the problem/pain/injury and address it.  The reasons and causes for/of injuries are numerous, sometimes comical, but mostly mundane and unexciting.  Overtraining; under-training; not training; old shoes; wrong shoes; no shoes; getting run over by the grocery cart at Winco* in a pair of flip flops; running home from the bar in cowboy boots; playing basketball; chasing kids on bikes; sprinting for a ball and/or the last Chocolate Chip Cookie.  A good deal of our time at Bandanna is spent talking to customers (and sometimes Staff) about their aches, pains and injuries.  A constant theme arises from these conversations . . . “I’m not sure what to do so I’m going to keep running until I can’t!”  This method of treatment/non-treatment is eventually followed by some form of the following . . . “My running buddies diagnosed my injury and told me how to get rid of it,” “I found the cure on the internet,” and the always popular, “I will do any and everything except go to the doctor/physical therapist.”


Why did I decide to write about this topic?  Because this malady has plagued me many times over the years!  No matter who you are or how much experience you have, you will most likely ignore the symptoms/injury and just keep running in the vain hope it will one day be mysteriously gone.  No one is immune!


Recently, I went to see my friend, Rick Tweedt, a local chiropractor who has kept me going many times over the years.  As always, his first question was, “When did this pain/injury start?”.  And as always, I respond that it was last week/month/year or, some time ago.  Rick gently scolds me that I know better than to let the problem fester and reminds me that the sooner we deal with it the sooner I’ll be back enjoying some pain-free running.  And, he’s right . . . every single time.  I do know better.  We all probably know better.  Get out the ice, back off on the training (or start doing some), get new shoes or take the steps necessary . . . we generally already know what first steps to take.  Why do we procrastinate and/or ignore the obvious?  Three general reasons come to mind:

  • If I go to the doctor/physical therapist it will be expensive.
  • If I don’t train every day, my head will explode.
  • I don’t know what the heck the problem is, but it is not that bad or so painful that I can’t ignore it and continue to run with the hope that it will just go away.

I do not enjoy running in pain and discomfort.  I imagine a few people do not mind, as this reaffirms their belief in the “no pain, no gain” credo.  The problem is differentiating between the well-earned “good pain” of running versus the unintended “bad pain” of running.  In reality, it is not that hard to determine good vs. bad.  If the pain makes the running unenjoyable and you just want to stop to make it go away, you’ve got bad pain.  So here is the tip of the week:  STOP RUNNING and get a

definitive diagnosis of what the problem is, what’s causing it, and what the best treatment option is.  The pain/problem is not going to go away until you do something smart about it.  Do it sooner rather than later.  Then, be prepared to work your butt off every day to get better!  Perform the exercises and therapy treatments daily or as instructed, relax and enjoy a little time off from training.


Rich Harris


Ms. H Note:  Mr. H has been battling some kind of shoulder/arm pain as a result of lifting too many heavy boxes.  After MUCH complaining, he eventually went to see Rick.  As he confessed, Rick told him to be icing.  He came home and could not be bothered.  I likely said something like . . . “so, you paid Rick to give you advice that you are choosing to ignore?”  Good luck on that follow-up visit!  He did eventually start icing, and it is making a big difference!


*Ms. H. did get run over at Winco by one of the herd while wearing flip flops.  This happened over the Summer, and because Ms. H. did nothing about it, it is still tender and painful.  Would anyone like to guess what we call Winco now?  Answer:  Wintoe


If you have the perfect gift to purchase, or just want some ideas for your home/Holidays, you owe it to yourself to spend some time in Epitome!  Located next to Bandanna, Jeff and his amazing Staff will WOW you with everything you’ve always wanted/NEEDED for your home/garden!  It is like an enchanted wonderland this time of year, and Jeff plays the best music and seems to find the best smelling candles and fragrance(s) ANYWHERE!  It is sort of like a/an awesome warm cookie just out of the oven . . . bet you cannot eat/walk away with just one!

EPITOME, 121 N. 5th, Boise, Idaho  208.333.0123   


Recommended by Rich & Shannon Harris



Meet Me Monday

If you have not yet experienced Meet Me Monday, you are missing out!  We meet in the parking lot (or just inside by WiseGuy Pizza) between 5th and 6th on Main EVERY Monday from 5:15 p.m. to approximately 6:45 p.m. for a (FREE) run/walk/stroll through Downtown Boise, Kuna & New Plymouth!  The benefits of regular exercise are obvious, but the relationships we are building/creating while receiving the benefits of GETTING OUT are priceless!  Come and join us, and bring a friend!  You will want to make this an every Monday effort!  Thanks to Liz Warhurst and Rhonda & Ron Lysinger, we have recently added the Kuna and New Plymouth MMM’s!  See for all of the details and/or the MeetMeMonday Facebook page!
November 25 . . . Join us at our usual starting spot and finish at Philip James Paul Mitchell Focus Salon on 8th in BODO!  Phil & James & Crew are staying late to offer discounts on hair and nail services and products!
*Meet Me Monday is a community partnership between Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and Bandanna Running & Walking and is designed to GET people OUT and active!  Please plan to join us for MMM!
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